Thursday, December 31, 2009

Simplicity Silver Collection for 2009


Delightful Swirls

Sterling silver with Lemon Quartz, Kyanite and Sapphire


Sterling silver with Moonstone and Garnet

Pure Aqua Stud Style

Sterling Silver with natural x- large Aquamarine

Fleurs Rouge Stud Style

Sterling Silver with Garnet

Leaves of Circle

Sterling silver with Peridot.

Lovely Beige

Sterling Silver with Pearls.


Glam Swirls

Sterling Silver

Mandarin Swirls

Sterling Silver with Mandarin Garnet


Champagne Swirl - Adjustable

Sterling and Fine Silver with Champagne Citrine

So Sweet - Adjustable

Sterling and Fine Silver with Sapphire, Pink Mystic Topaz and Green Onyx

La Spices - Adjustable

Sterling Silver with Mandarin Garnet, Amethyst, Rhodolite Garnet and Tourmaline

Lush Cocktail Swirl - Adjustable

Sterling Silver with Sapphire, Kyanite and Champagne Citrine

Simply Blue - Adjustable

Sterling Silver with Kyanite

Sapphire & Swirl - Adjustable

Sterling & Fine Silver with Sapphire

Arrow Swirl - Adjustable

Sterling Silver

Taupe & Beige - Adjustable

Sterling Silver with Pearls

A high end simple jewelry collection that was finely made with Sterling Silver and semi precious stones. These pieces are meant for every wear or somebody who prefer minimalism in design but still unique. Creating this simple jewelry give me a challenge in order to avoid similar design with other artists. I implement certain details and elements of 'me' for each jewelry made.

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