Friday, December 24, 2010

KitaKita - A Wonderful High End Handcrafted Boutique

Stix Nest Earrings

Orange Spiral Ring

Mysterious Hoops Earrings

Modern Hijau Earrings

Modern Blue Earrings

At the Crafty Bazaar, me and Kat met this wonderful lady, Nori. She offered us to place our jewelry at she and her partners' high end Malaysian handcrafted boutique named KitaKita located in Plaza Damansara. Well, we went there and instantly totally fell in love with the decoration and design of the boutique. We agreed to display (for sale of course) our jewelries for two months as a trial but within a week we had people buying our jewelry until we need to re-stock and i must say that one of the customer is from the Royal family. We're so happy and thanx to Kak Nori and partners for believing in our arts. Showcase are a few pieces that i made for the boutique.

p/s : You can check their website at but then still in progress.

Saturday, December 4, 2010

My First Bezel Setting - Brass, Sterling Silver and Fine Silver with Labradorite

Finally i did it..Yay..But there are flaws here and there that i need to improvise. I do not posses a small cabochon to practice with, so i used this x large Labradorite as the focal stone (i love Labradorite so much !). As it was my first attempt, i used a brass sheets as the back plate as i do not want to sacrifice my silver sheet yet. It turn out that the stone fitted well to the bezel as i did not needed to adjust the bezel wall at all..Huhu..Here are some interesting things that i throughout the process :-

1. I used an old torch that i need to blow the air by pressing the air bellow using my feet while controlling the torch (with flame) with my hand and i must it is so cool to use this traditional torch.
2. I learned how to use the saw and i did not broke the saw blade at all, maybe because i'm using the Knew Concept Saw. I will try the traditional later on to see the difference.
3. I missed to solder some spots between the bezel wall and the brass back plate as i rushed while doing it.

It is fun to learn new skills and i will try to master these (bezel set, saw, filing etc) before going to the next level, that is prong setting.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Mix Metal Wire Art Jewelry Nov 2010

Sweet Fantasy Adjustable Ring

Purple Eden Earrings

Mix Sunkist Earrings

Crystallious Hoop Earrings Collection

These are pieces that i made for Bijou and Crafty Market. I made several bold simple design hoops that i named Crystallious Hoops as i adorned them with Crystals (these can be find at and my favorite design is the Purple Eden Earrings that was finely crafted from brass, copper and silver with rare cut amethyst rondelles.

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

14K Gold Filled Wire Jewelry - Nov 2010

The Gold Garden Earrings - 14K Gold Filled with Gemstones

Elongated Nest Earrings - 14K Gold Filled with Gemstones

I know i post this a bit late than i promised. I made three pair of earrings actually but had sold to a lovely lady at the Crafty Market last Saturday. The Gold Garden earrings are inspired by Mastura's Fantasy Earrings (from whimsicalnquirky) that i adore so much though i twist the design differently.

Katrina For Emi Kaz - Wire Art Jewelry Nov 2010

Simply Lemonade Earrings - Sterling and Fine Silver with Lemon Quartz

Amber Glow Necklace - Sterling and Fine Silver with Gemstones

Diamond Turquoise Pendant - Sterling and Fine Silver with Tibetan Turquoise

Pink Delight Earrings - Copper with Rhodocosite and Swarovski

Copper Fuschia Earrings - Copper with Dyed Agate

Monotone Earrings - Copper with Mookite

Le Lush Earrings - Copper with Gemstones

Cluster of Pearls Earrings - Sterling Silver with Pearls and Swarovski

These are the pieces that Kat from beadingpassion designed for bazaars that we joined. I re photograph her Amber Glow necklace for better view. She loves making the U shape hoops that had been inspired by me. I will list all her art pieces in my Etsy shop soon. So, ladies (and guys too) if you're interested to buy these fabulous pieces do check it out here .