Saturday, January 2, 2010

The Asian Bombshell

Last few weeks i went to accessories shop to buy false eyelashes and saw this beautiful blond wig. I been thinking about buying it but didn't brought much money at that time. On my way to my house, i remembered that my client once told me that i can borrow her wig whenever i want. Then, i called her and she lend me her wig.
I told my sis (and also my muse) that i gonna try that wig on her and she got very excited. For this look, i tan her skin with warm tone cream foundation and concealer and sealed with loosed powder. The face had been contoured heavily with darker pressed powder. I contoured her eyes using five different colors eye shadow to make it very intense (I'm using medium green cream shadow at the crease as a base), then brushed a warm peach highlighter over the lids and brow bones and applied two layers of false eyelashes for more dramatic effect. I keep the lips pale using warm light peach brown lipstick, then i applied two tones blusher, begin with hot dark pink at the back of the cheeks and lighter pink at the front. Finally, i put on the wig on her and wahla she looked like an Asian Bridget Bardot.

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