Saturday, January 23, 2010

Beauty Questionnaire - Dry Lips

Starting from this month, i will try to help my dear blog readers with their beauty concerns. You can ask me anything regarding skin care, hair care and make up. Question can be send to my email or by leaving it at the comment section of every beauty post. I will pick one of the question and post it in my blog. All my answers are based on my experienced, expertise and dermatology research.

Start read the first question and i do hope it will help you!

I have a dry lips, no matter how many times i apply lip balm it did not solve the problem. What should i do?

I know a lot of people having this such condition. Dry lips make you look unattractive especially when you wear a lipstick, it tend to look like patches. Lips are very vulnerable to environment and harsh ingredients. This condition occurs because of the below factors :-

1. Environment - Dry heat, cold weather and air conditioning tend to dehydrate your skin.
2. Toothpaste - The cleaning agent sometimes maybe too harsh for the lips, try to change your toothpaste that is less drying, i prefer Oral B brand. I had experienced this before.
3. Irritating ingredients in lip balm - Avoid lip balm that contain fragrance, menthol, peppermint, camphor, phenol(an alcohol) and other essential oils. These ingredients are not helping at all in treating dry lips, instead they tend to irritate your lips and worsen the condition.

First thing you must do is to test what the root cause of the problem then search for a lip balm that are free from fragrance and above mention irritating ingredients. The best ingredients to look in a lip balm are combination of emollients, water binding agents and sunscreen (daytime protection).

Emollients (usually contain in lip balm)

Mineral oil
Cocoa and shea butter
Vegetable oil - Almond oil, lanolin oil, castor oil etc

Water binding agent (usually contain in lip balm)

Lipids acid
Sodium PCA
Hyaluronic acid
Gluconolactone - A polyhydroxy acid that are safe to be use for lips at lower concentration.


Titanium and Zinc Dioxide - Great for sensitive skin

I usually apply lip balm as much as my lips need it and i have two of it that i keep in my house and car for different use. As i often drive during the day, the one that i keep in my car contain sunscreen and less in moisture, so that i can re-apply without looking too waxy. At night (before i sleep), i apply a thick coat of very intense moisturizing lip balm so that in the morning i wake up i can exfoliate the dry skins. To exfoliate the dry skins, apply a thin coat of the lip balm, dip a toothbrush (find that are very fine and soft) with water and gently brushing away the dry skin, try to smile while brushing. This method will keep your lips looking smooth and do not forget to re-apply your lip balms.

I prefer the lip balm from Vaseline, Paula's Choice, Neutrogena and Neostrata (one and only brand that sell lip balm that contain gluconolactone).

Here is tip for very dry lips :-

Apply a layer of vegetable oil such as jojoba, rose hip, almond or olive oil on the lips and leave for 30 seconds. Apply a lip balm afterward. These oils have an anti inflammatory, soothing, moisturizing and antioxidant properties that can enhance the lip balm effectiveness.

If you feel like wearing a lipstick during the day, try to find a lipstick that is moisturizing with sunscreens. You can always re-apply the lipstick in order to moisten your lips. Matte lipstick will make the condition look worse.

You can not expect this condition to go away but you can make your lips look smoother and moisture.

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hi emi,

thank you for having this beauty question and answer session. i really hope you can help me with this problem of mine.

sometimes i have to work very late for few days in a row and that causes havoc to my eye area. even after getting enough sleep to recover my eyes are still puffy. do you have any suggestions on how i can help improve this situation?

thank you :)