Monday, January 25, 2010

Beauty Questionnaire - Puffy Eyes

A question from Mystical or Mas.

Sometimes i have to work very late for few days in a row and that causes havoc to my eye area. Even after getting enough sleep to recover my eyes are still puffy. Do you have any suggestions on how i can help improve this situation?

Actually, water retention is causing skin around the eyes to swell (puffy eyes). Sleeping on your stomach and eating high salty food can cause poor lymph flow that can worsen this condition. Irritation cause by bad pollution, contact lenses allergy, skin care & cosmetic allergies, rubbing the eyes, dry air and not washing make up before sleep are also contributors to this condition.
Several ways to treat this condition are as follows :

1. Sleep with your head highly elevated and give enough support to your neck that it needs which help in preventing fluid(water) retention.
2. Change your diet by eating less salty food.
3. Deep breathing, massage, and exercise will improve your lymph flow that really helpful than any eye cream. Try to deeply breath 10 times and jumping jacks 10 times for a start.
4. Drinking plenty of water also help in preventing water retention.
5. If you are a contact lenses wearer, buy ones that are match your eyes vision and comfortable enough for you to wear (by mean less drying).
6. Avoid rubbing your eyes too much to prevent from irritation. If eyes feel itchy get an anti histamine pill (Zrytec if i'm not mistaken, ask the pharmacist) or cream.
7. Wash you make up thoroughly especially eyes make up so that it would not cause irritation while sleeping.
8. Use fragrance and irritants free moisturizer on your face and eyes. I prefer products by Neostarata, Paula's Choice, Simple, Neutrogena(old version, new version a lot of fragrance), Clinique (i like Moisture Surge so much) and Eucerin.
9. If you have time in the morning, place a chamomile(Culpaper have a good ones) or caffeine tea bags in cup of chilled water and place its on your eyes for 5 minutes to decrease inflammation and puffiness.

Puffy eyes are not easy to treat and do not believe in cosmetic products that can improve these condition cause they can not. It's just a hype. If above mention solution does not help in decreasing the puffiness then maybe your eyes are naturally puffy or cause by aging. If that so, cosmetic surgery is the solution to remove the bags. Alternatively, doctors are recommending dermal fillers such as Restylane and Hylaform that can also disguise bags caused by aging, be sure to go to reputable doctors as this procedure is very delicate. Hope this help you.

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M for MYSTICAL said...

oh no! just answered my biggest fears...I am getting OLD! :)

on a less dramatic note, thank you emi. really appreciate it. i admit i am guilty for some you have mentioned especially salty food because NACHOS is my favourite :)

i did try your suggestion for no.1, no.3, no.7, no.8 and no.9.

i think no.9 suggestion, caffeine tea bags do help but my damage too great oredi so only minimal relieve , the cooling effect is great though :)

will do more of no.4. as for no.5 and no.6,i dont wear contacts.

i guess i am doomed BUT big excuse to get more fabulous sunglasses! :)

again, thanx emi :)