Friday, July 30, 2010

Knock..knock..I'm Back Honey!

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Phew, finally i had the time to sit down (on chair of course) and write a few updates. I know, it is terrible to abandon my blog for such a long time without any news..Hmm..There are a lot of things going on in my life since my last post..Here are the things that i had done during that period:-

  • Setting up a gemstones shop at Etsy with my long time partner. I bought a numerous amount of top grade gems from India and Thailand such as apatite, amethyst, citrine, iolite etc. Check them out at !
  • Been learning on perfecting my metalsmithing skills especially on soldering and shaping. I did sacrifice a lot of my precious silver wire for experimenting but it is worth every wasted wire!
  • I bought a good amount of Argentium silver to play with. The result: Love the new silver.
  • I spent a lot of time designed and re-designed (the pieces from previous collections) and had completed six pieces to be listed in my Etsy shop. They took sometimes to be completed as i been doing a lot of resourcing on gemstones to compliment the new (and old) designs...Urghh I'm getting madder this time.
  • Helping my mama preparing things for my sister for her enrollment in UDM. We went there twice to settle certain problems. I did recalled my 'wild' years in college as we passed through the Uni area.
  • Fulfilling my make up jobs that had been booked quite a few months back. I done several weddings during the weekends. Hopefully the brides love my make up!
  • I traveled to Kelantan to help my grandma designing her new house interior. I never thought she love what i had choose as she always wants people to follow her opinions...Yay i win!

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