Saturday, August 14, 2010

Katrina For Emi Kaz - Copper Jewelry

Whimsical Tibetan Bangle

Sensational Turquoise Necklace

Hijau Lavender Earrings

I was asked by my dear friend to place my jewelry at his studio in Empire SOHO in Subang Jaya (nearby Subang Parade). I told him that i will complete all the jewelry in two weeks and due to my schedule i could not do all the seven pieces in that period. Then i contacted my dear student and also my friend Katrina to help me. I asked her to do three pieces of jewelry using copper wires and stones that i gave her. I'm awe by her Woven Bangle so i told her to design one for me. She was afraid that it won't meet my expectation but wah la the pieces are all great. Please do check her blog at


Katrina said...

Emi, thank you for posting these :) And thanks for your trust in me!

p/s I'm grabbing the photos, ya!

BrassyBeads said...

Emi is right, you should be proud Katrina. These are very well made and your desings are unique!

Emi Kaz said...

Yes Mary she should be proud. Dgr x Kat! Jewelry Wholesalers said...

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Katrina said...

@Mary: Thanks :)

@Emi: Hehehe... Thanks for looking!