Friday, August 20, 2010

Mix Metal Wire Jewelry

The Modern Cuff / Bracelet

The Hindi Earrings

The Heart of Nature

These are a few pieces that i create to display at my friend's boutique. All of them were finely made from brass and silver with gemstones. I love all of them but my favorite is the Modern Cuff/ Bracelet as i design it to have a sort of different kind artistic 'feel'. I use less material as my theme for these designs is bold patterns.


Katrina said...

Emi, they're superb!!! My favourite is also the cuff, it looks unique.

BrassyBeads said...

My favorite is the bracelet too. It looks like fun to wear!

Emi Kaz said...

That what people been telling me, they like that cuff..

Maggie said...

My goodness Emi!!! These are totally gorgeous! I love the way you work with wires.


Emi Kaz said...

Tq so much Maggie