Tuesday, August 31, 2010

New Silver Pieces for August 2010

Rose Aqua Necklace

Royal Minimalism Necklace

Simply Elongated Stud Earrings

Vibrant Fuchsia Stud Earrings

Just Hoop Earrings

The Royal Emerald Earrings

Modern Purple Earrings

Simply Intertwine Pendant

Simply Elongated Pendant

I finished making all these silver pieces by last week but then i have less time to photographed and i finally completed the photography by yesterday..Phew..For this collection i used little wrapping (just for the stones) and joined the structure of these pieces by using soldering technique. I keep the bold signature designs but constructed them less intricate, so these pieces can be worn everyday for any kind of functions !

Will be listed on my Etsy shop soon!


Maggie said...

My goodness! These are truly gorgeous!!!!!!!!!

Emi Kaz said...

Tq Maggie !

Katrina said...

Emi, semuanya cantik!!! Sampaikan susah nak pilih my favourite ;)

And I'm soooo in love with the stones you used ;)