Thursday, August 5, 2010

Re-Design Pieces

- I stitched three silver beads and sapphire to the crown focal of the sea empress necklace

- I change the focal gemstones and the drops.

- I wrapped a small round frame at the bottom and replace the orange quartz with natural citrine, Swiss blue topaz and kyanite.

Sometimes i have this emotional madness when i look at something and find it not interesting or need an adjustment. Same go to these pieces that i change certain parts of them to make the designs look more elegant (maybe, perhaps!). As an artist, this kind of thinking is common, am i right?


BrassyBeads said...

I don't know if common, but I do share your madness:)
The finish on your metals is gorgeous!!

Emi Kaz said...

Oh Mary tq for the comments! I do think that is common as i was told before by an artist too! LOL