Saturday, August 7, 2010

Untitled Pendant

This pendant had been name 'untitled' because i can't really think any name for it right now but the design inspired is by flower petals in a wild jungle. This is the most time consuming pendant i ever made as i had to solder all the petals to the small round ring and join again to the large round frame and i struggle a lot as i am a beginner in metalsmithing (while making this). By the way i like the way how it turn out but i don't like it because i made it less solid as I'm using 19ga Ag wire for the large round frame. The pendant is lush with 15cwt lilac eye clean Amethyst, chrome diopside, green and blue sapphire, aptite, peridot and orange sapphire.

p/s: i love the weaves that serpentine the Amethyst!

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