Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Midnight Sapphire Earrings - Sterling and Fine Silver with Iolite

I spent almost 2 days to finish these earrings. Why? because i had troubled choosing stones to compliment with the intricate design frames. At first, i stitched labradorite briolettes but then i accidentally dropped one of the earrings to the floor and the brio cracked slightly at the top part...arggh..Then i took out every briolette in my stones case and try to match each pair of briolettes to the frames but it did not turn out nice, some too large some too small. Then i went back home and checked my stones stock that meant to be sold at Etsy and finally found this pair of star cut Iolite that i don't list yet on Etsy. I placed them to frames and wah la, they seem peeerrrrrrfect !


Katrina said...


Christine said...

Emi, These earring are gorgeous! How frustrating to have chipped a briolette but you ended up with the perfect stones. Your wire work is so intricate and inspiring. Christine

Emi Kaz said...

Tq Kat!

Hi Christine, I also feel sad about that. Tq for such beautiful words!