Saturday, October 30, 2010

Chocolate Delight Pin Brooch - Sterling Silver with Tunduru Sapphire and Aptatitew

This another version of my pin brooch design. It was constructed from 20ga half hard Argentium wire and was tumbled for more strength and shine. I wrapped the large focal and stitched it with Tunduru Sapphire (most amazing chocolate color Sapphire) and Apatite rondelles. I love making this type of pin brooch at the moment, maybe more to come !

Neon Darkness Earrings - Sterling Silver with Lemon Topaz

I made these from my using sterling silver wires from my 'undone' ring project that were lush with array of chains. I purposely blackened the whole pieces and add neon light of Lemon Topaz ovals for a dramatic contrast. The skills used were simple but the design are great enough to stun people.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Dazzling Sky Pin Brooch - Argentium Silver with Sky Blue Topaz

At last i made a pin brooch ! The enthusiasm to try this when i was ask by my student to teach her to make brooches. I try figure out what are the best brooches for her to learn (as she is at a beginner level), i came out with two designs, one is pin brooch (as per above) and the other is designing brooch using 'ready made flat back' pin (nickel silver). As for this brooch, i construct it from scratch by using hard Argenitum silver wire with Sky Blue Topaz and i hardened it more (prior stitching the stone) by tumbling it. I enjoy making this as it is very simple, elegant and unique!

Friday, October 15, 2010

Rose, Loops and Organic Vines Pendant - To Mei with passion

This pendant is a custom order for a lovely women named Mei Ling. She fond of vintage and Victorian designs jewelry. Actually this is a remake pendant but in very different twist (as every jewelry piece is OOAK). What i love about this pendant is the bottom part, whereby thin fine silver wires were twisted and balled up (a very cool technique actually) and soldered to the copper frame. Originally, i choose a hexagon shape rose quartz for the pendant but i think it get lost somewhere during shipment and i bought an extra large teardrop shape rose quartz from a local supplier (i tell you, this is hard to find, and thanx to Mas for her help). I could not photographed the pendant beautifully as i used the wall light and i need to send this to Mei Ling by tomorrow.

p/s: Mei i do hope you will like this better in person.

Saturday, October 2, 2010

The Frozen Heart Pendant - Sterling Silver with Blue Topaz

This pendant is inspired from my metalsmithing class 's project but I refine certain areas of the pendant to portray my originality in design. Draped at the bottom of the heart are magnificent Sky Blue Topaz and vivid London Corundum Topaz that i hand wrapped using thin gauge fine silver wire. Overall i love the simplicity of the design combine with truly royal colored gemstones.