Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Dazzling Sky Pin Brooch - Argentium Silver with Sky Blue Topaz

At last i made a pin brooch ! The enthusiasm to try this when i was ask by my student to teach her to make brooches. I try figure out what are the best brooches for her to learn (as she is at a beginner level), i came out with two designs, one is pin brooch (as per above) and the other is designing brooch using 'ready made flat back' pin (nickel silver). As for this brooch, i construct it from scratch by using hard Argenitum silver wire with Sky Blue Topaz and i hardened it more (prior stitching the stone) by tumbling it. I enjoy making this as it is very simple, elegant and unique!


BrassyBeads said...

THis is to die for! I love everything about it, from the lovely simplicity of the well handled wire to the circular frame around the bead.

THis is just the kind of design that would make me want to become a wire worker.

Sorry to go on about it, but I think it is one of the best designs I've seen a while!

Emi Kaz said...

Hi Mary,

You don't need to be sorry dear. What a compliment from a wireholics like you..LOL..I'm trying a few designs that and it's fun..

ViSart-DaLi Claying Mama said...

STUNNING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love it!!!