Friday, October 15, 2010

Rose, Loops and Organic Vines Pendant - To Mei with passion

This pendant is a custom order for a lovely women named Mei Ling. She fond of vintage and Victorian designs jewelry. Actually this is a remake pendant but in very different twist (as every jewelry piece is OOAK). What i love about this pendant is the bottom part, whereby thin fine silver wires were twisted and balled up (a very cool technique actually) and soldered to the copper frame. Originally, i choose a hexagon shape rose quartz for the pendant but i think it get lost somewhere during shipment and i bought an extra large teardrop shape rose quartz from a local supplier (i tell you, this is hard to find, and thanx to Mas for her help). I could not photographed the pendant beautifully as i used the wall light and i need to send this to Mei Ling by tomorrow.

p/s: Mei i do hope you will like this better in person.

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Katrina said...

Emi, the twisted and balled up wires do look awesome!!! I like it...