Tuesday, November 2, 2010

London Ice Ring and Brooch - Silver Plated with Swarovski Crytals

This is the other ring that i made for my client. It was hard for me to figure out on how to make this ring adjustable as the core design is a large teardrop shape (and i can't solder at all) but at the end i came up with something that is great, i place the round (the ring shank) frame in the center of the teardrop frame and weaved it together. Lastly, I stitched my favorite colors of Swarovski crystals along with sterling silver beads. I will possibly make this ring again in Sterling or Argentium silver. The last pic shown a brooch that i made to compliment with the ring.

p/s : I love making brooch at this moment as it is something i try to attempt for along time.


Mm BisuterĂ­a said...

que linnndo

Emi Kaz said...

Though i don't understand your language but tq for stopping by and comment!