Friday, December 24, 2010

KitaKita - A Wonderful High End Handcrafted Boutique

Stix Nest Earrings

Orange Spiral Ring

Mysterious Hoops Earrings

Modern Hijau Earrings

Modern Blue Earrings

At the Crafty Bazaar, me and Kat met this wonderful lady, Nori. She offered us to place our jewelry at she and her partners' high end Malaysian handcrafted boutique named KitaKita located in Plaza Damansara. Well, we went there and instantly totally fell in love with the decoration and design of the boutique. We agreed to display (for sale of course) our jewelries for two months as a trial but within a week we had people buying our jewelry until we need to re-stock and i must say that one of the customer is from the Royal family. We're so happy and thanx to Kak Nori and partners for believing in our arts. Showcase are a few pieces that i made for the boutique.

p/s : You can check their website at but then still in progress.


M for MYSTICAL said...

well done my fren!


Anonymous said...

Excellent! No doubt about the trial, with your great workmanship and creativity definitely will be show casing there permanently.

Melisa Hamada said...

Mel here!!!

congrats!!! May this be a wonderful new venture for you...

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