Saturday, December 4, 2010

My First Bezel Setting - Brass, Sterling Silver and Fine Silver with Labradorite

Finally i did it..Yay..But there are flaws here and there that i need to improvise. I do not posses a small cabochon to practice with, so i used this x large Labradorite as the focal stone (i love Labradorite so much !). As it was my first attempt, i used a brass sheets as the back plate as i do not want to sacrifice my silver sheet yet. It turn out that the stone fitted well to the bezel as i did not needed to adjust the bezel wall at all..Huhu..Here are some interesting things that i throughout the process :-

1. I used an old torch that i need to blow the air by pressing the air bellow using my feet while controlling the torch (with flame) with my hand and i must it is so cool to use this traditional torch.
2. I learned how to use the saw and i did not broke the saw blade at all, maybe because i'm using the Knew Concept Saw. I will try the traditional later on to see the difference.
3. I missed to solder some spots between the bezel wall and the brass back plate as i rushed while doing it.

It is fun to learn new skills and i will try to master these (bezel set, saw, filing etc) before going to the next level, that is prong setting.

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Katrina said...

Emi, though it's your 1st try... I must say, it still looks pretty!!