Tuesday, November 30, 2010

14K Gold Filled Wire Jewelry - Nov 2010

The Gold Garden Earrings - 14K Gold Filled with Gemstones

Elongated Nest Earrings - 14K Gold Filled with Gemstones

I know i post this a bit late than i promised. I made three pair of earrings actually but had sold to a lovely lady at the Crafty Market last Saturday. The Gold Garden earrings are inspired by Mastura's Fantasy Earrings (from whimsicalnquirky) that i adore so much though i twist the design differently.

Katrina For Emi Kaz - Wire Art Jewelry Nov 2010

Simply Lemonade Earrings - Sterling and Fine Silver with Lemon Quartz

Amber Glow Necklace - Sterling and Fine Silver with Gemstones

Diamond Turquoise Pendant - Sterling and Fine Silver with Tibetan Turquoise

Pink Delight Earrings - Copper with Rhodocosite and Swarovski

Copper Fuschia Earrings - Copper with Dyed Agate

Monotone Earrings - Copper with Mookite

Le Lush Earrings - Copper with Gemstones

Cluster of Pearls Earrings - Sterling Silver with Pearls and Swarovski

These are the pieces that Kat from beadingpassion designed for bazaars that we joined. I re photograph her Amber Glow necklace for better view. She loves making the U shape hoops that had been inspired by me. I will list all her art pieces in my Etsy shop soon. So, ladies (and guys too) if you're interested to buy these fabulous pieces do check it out here emikaz.etsy.com .

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Bleu Splash Earrings - Sterling and Fine Silver with Gemstones

I was so busy running here and there in the past two days searching for displays for the incoming craft show but i did took some times and managed to construct these earrings..Feel great..These are one of the pieces that i will showcase at the Crafty Market this Saturday. If you notice, that this design is actually similar to my early design named Icy Tea earrings, it had been a long time for me to recreate this design in silver and at last, i did it and i slightly refined the techniques in spiral and weaving..As i want it to be bold and light at the same time, i finely crafted these from 18ga sterling silver wire and 26ga fine silver wire. I adorned them with very pale Sky Blue Topaz and Kyanite at the top while at the bottom draped a magnificent London Blue Corundum Topaz and Petrol Sapphire.

Monday, November 22, 2010

Crafty Art Market Etsy Malaysia at Jaya One

Hi guys, come and visits us at Jaya One for Crafty Market that specially organized for Malaysia Etsy Team. I would to thank Michelle and Huey for giving me the chance to join them. I been busy lately working on pieces that need to be displayed and sold at the Market. By the way my gold filled jewelry were left to my dear partner Kat, so i could not photograph them at the moment.

Sunday, November 7, 2010

14K Gold Filled Wire

I bought a spool of 20ga and 25ga half hard gold filled wire last week. I had attempt to make two pairs of earrings from 4.3 meters of 20ga wires and most of it had been sacrifice during the experiment..LOL..I love the color of the gold but i don't feel to like it so much as i like silver, i don't know why..I will post the pics by next week if possible..Right now I'm busy with making jewelry for craft market!

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

London Ice Ring and Brooch - Silver Plated with Swarovski Crytals

This is the other ring that i made for my client. It was hard for me to figure out on how to make this ring adjustable as the core design is a large teardrop shape (and i can't solder at all) but at the end i came up with something that is great, i place the round (the ring shank) frame in the center of the teardrop frame and weaved it together. Lastly, I stitched my favorite colors of Swarovski crystals along with sterling silver beads. I will possibly make this ring again in Sterling or Argentium silver. The last pic shown a brooch that i made to compliment with the ring.

p/s : I love making brooch at this moment as it is something i try to attempt for along time.

The Purple Divine Ring - Silver Plated with Cubic Zirconia

It has been a while i do not use silver plated wire(i'm using Designer Craft Wire from beading.my) for crafting my jewelery though it is still fun to use it. In order to preserve the color of the wire, i carefully shaped, hammered, pressed and held it with firm but gentle movement. This ring is for my lovely customer (and also my mother's friend) that love to wear ring so much, i had made several rings for her before (though i do not post it here) and she keeps coming back for more. This is an invention from my 3-D ring tutorial that i give a bit of different twist to the top part of the design. Actually she asked me to do two rings and i will post the other one as soon as i photograph it.

p/s : I know there is a person waiting for me to use this beautiful Cubic Zirconia. Tq dear for the stone.