Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Three New Pieces - Argentium Silver and 14K Gold Filled with Gemstones

Lemon Abstract Pendant - 925 Sterling Silver with Lemon Quartz

The Amethyst Ring - 14K Gold Filled with Dark Amethyst

Swirls Pendant - 930 Argentium Silver

These are a few pieces that i made last week. I sent them to Kita2 today to replenish my jewelry stocks. The Lemon Abstract Pendant was constructed using silver from my experiment ring projects ( i dont want to waste my silver anyway!). I had a very great and fun day with Mastura from whimsicalnquirky at KLPAC Open Day. I learned a few things about marketing for bazaar from her. Anyway hope you guys like my new pieces especially the Lemon Abstract pendant that is modern yet sophisticated.


BrassyBeads said...

The Lemon Abstract is my favorite. It's really neat that it seems the best and it was made it from left over wire:)

Emi Kaz said...

I also love the lemon abstract Mary, maybe im making it more in the future !