Sunday, March 6, 2011

The Mystical Eyes Ring - Argentium and Fine Silver with Gemstones

I know i had left my blog too long without updating anything even my (with Katrina) current Lex Bazaar last Saturday. It had been very hectic weeks that full of classes ( gems setting) and customized orders (though i won't be able to update that, pity me).

I made this ring two months back but i never had the chance to photograph it. This ring is my private collection that i keep for myself and i'm using the techniques in my Majestic Ring tutorial. The stone that i used is called JayJay or JJ (could not find the description of this beauty over the net) as i was told by the seller and if you can see that it has white smoke trap inside the stone that makes me fall in love when i saw it for the 1st time. Actually i had another two more of this that i will use in my next stone setting project. Stay tune for more exciting pieces !

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