Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Mix Metal Jewelry - Bronze, Silver and 14K Gold Filled

Bronze Swirls Earrings - Bronze, Aregntium Silver & 14K Gold Filled with Amethyst

La Bronze Bracelet Bracelet - Bronze, Sterling Silver & 14K Gold Filled

Bronzy Skies Ring - Bronze with Dyed Jade and Pearl

I just completed my corporate gifts order three days ago...Phew..Less stress, now i can concentrate on designing new jewelry pieces...Yay

These are few pieces that i made early this month using bronze and precious metals. I love the color of the bronze, warm and soothing (due to the peach tone).

If you wish to buy bronze wire, feel free to browse to Nancy Wickman blog at !

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Knitted Wire Bracelet - Bronze and Dyed Jade

This is my 1st knitted bracelet that is 'finely made' after several attempts. It is not difficult to learn the basic but need to practice to really get the essence of it. I was taught by my dear friend and one of the great Malaysian wire jewelry artisan, Mastura from whimsicalnquirky. It started when i marveled at her beautiful knitted wire bracelet during our local bazaar and she's willing to teach me this technique, thank you Kak Mas, i really appreciated it. For those who wanted to learn this, visit her blog and contact her for arrangement of the workshop !

p/s : The bracelet was place on my new filigree ceramic plate that i bought from local shop..

Monday, May 2, 2011

Stone Setting Projects - A New Journey of Jewelry Design

Divine Necklace - 925 Sterling Silver (7.5 % anti tarnish formulation) & 14K Gold Filled with Citrine cabochon, Amethyst and Kyanite

Neon Sapphire Bracelet - 925 Sterling Silver (7.5 % anti tarnish formulation) with Jay Jay cabochon and Orange Sapphire

At last, i had the chance to introduce my new pieces that took me almost a 'chaotic' week to finish embellished. The bracelet is my 1st piece that i incorporate bezel setting into my design. It seems tough to construct the stepped bezel at first but after a few trials (and silver wastage) i be able to learn a good way of doing it but still need to improvise.

For both design i use 13ga sterling silver with special anti tarnish formulation (except for the bezel strip, Argentium silver) and i must say that i really really love it due to it properties that are better than Argentium and Sterling (though i still like working with all silver alloys). And the silver is still on my anti tarnish observation..