Saturday, August 27, 2011

Something Old, Something New - Swiss Champagne Earrings

Well i have to admit i love and adore these earrings so much as these one of my 1st great pieces that i created when i learned weaving techniques.

This is the most difficult weave so far as it require a lot of patient (and wire too) to really ensure that it looks neat front and back. I only done thrice of this weave throughout my journey of creating jewelry.

The original design of these (see my my blog's main pic), the dangles are array of Sky Blue Topaz faceted rounds that really put some weights on the earrings. So i decided to replace the dangles to smaller size of Swiss Blue Topaz briolettes and its really decrease the weight and i think, much more elegant than the original.

What do you think?


Anonymous said...

Where did you learn your wire weaving techniques? I have been totally fustrated with trying to understand this technique. Such as, are the circles used in the design already soldered, which is something I don't do, or what? The earrings are lovely but I am beating my head against a wall looking for good tutorials to explain how this is done.

Emi Kaz said...


Frankly, i'm a self taught artist. I learned a lot through observation. As you can see the earrings large frame is not soldered and you have to be creative in order to do it. There is no tutorial on these technique.


Oh! Wonderful lovely earrings!


Emi Kaz said...

Thanx Joanna. Im also fond of your works.