Saturday, January 21, 2012

Sterling Silver - Square Abstract Brooch - Rivet

This a part of my rivet brooch series. No soldering is done. Adorned with Black Spinel onion briolette.


Swati said...

Love it! The riveting looks great. I do miss your old style of jewelry though. I hope you will make a few pieces like those every now and then :-)))

John Battelle said...

I love these antique designs!
really unique silver jewelry

Emi Kaz said...

Thanx Swati and John for the comment !

I'm learning new techniques right now but i will never leave my wire arts and will keep update on that kind of pieces !

Swati said...

So happy to know you will never leave your original style of wire work. It was simply out of this world! The ornate designs....I used to stare at them for long hours because simply looking at them made me happy. I bought all of your tutorials, but still haven't dared to make any. My favorite piece was a very very ornate bracelet you had made. I think it got sold? If you ever make a tutorial for that, please let me know.