Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Exploring with Brass Sheet - Untitled Necklace

Well, i made this a month ago when i was depressed and lack of design ideas. What i did, i just cut the brass sheet (according to the shape that i wanted), drilled some holes and attached the components (silver chains, Lapis Lazuli) and hanged it with 14K Gold Filled and Faux Suede, then wahla a bold piece of necklace was born and I'm loving it (i keep it for myself).

When i look at it, my heart says that i should make this in silver with additional intricacy. Well see how it goes !

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M for MYSTICAL said...


kita ni macam timing sama jer.....mood depress and mental block...idea elek.
Ayway, gud that you started the necklace coz...i see lots of possibilities there! Give yourself time to chill and percayalah in no time you will get that lightbulb moment again!