Monday, July 30, 2012

Sterling Silver Elongated Organic Earring with Sky Blue Topaz - Organix

These are one the most simplest and elegant pair of earrings that i love to make. They seems very simple to construct but the challenge is to balance each side of the earring. I had sold almost 5 pairs of these in mix metal in different variation and so happy people seems to love these design. 

Frankly i haven't touch my wires and pliers almost 3 weeks now due to setting up my family business under the name Fabrics by Emi Kaz ! Please browse and Likes, perhaps !

Friday, July 6, 2012

Modern STerling Silver and Argentium Silver Earrings - The Clasps Series



These earrings series are of the most exciting pieces i ever made that were inspired from the clasps (yes the bracelet and necklace clasps !). Though they look very simple but it takes a lot of patient and efforts to produce very clean line designs.

I took almost two weeks to complete this series. The process of making these taught me how to be very detail in soldering (each shape was 'invisibly' soldered ) and shaping. I did not used any special tools to craft these, four marker pen (which i already owned) in different sizes were used as a mandrel to shape each curve (well you have to be creative in using tools to lower your expenses).

As much as i love semi precious stones, i keep five of the earrings as they are. Well i will be quite busy in next three months to help my mother and partner to setup our fabric business under my brand Emi Kaz. Regarding this, i try my best to create and post special pieces but if i don't, please stay tune, there are exciting designs to be posted in the future ! 

Have a great weekend !

Modern Brass and Sterling Silver Bracelet - Mix Metal Jewelry - Organix

My signature organix bracelet, crafted from thick gauge brass wire (thicker than the usual) and sterling silver wire with Dyed Chalcedony and Moonstone rondelles. Bold but light in weight. Available in KitaKita !