Saturday, January 21, 2012

Sterling Silver - Square Abstract Brooch - Rivet

This a part of my rivet brooch series. No soldering is done. Adorned with Black Spinel onion briolette.

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Fold Forming - Brass Pendant

Just learn something new, fold forming. Well im loving it so much, a very simple tehnique with big impact. Well had done several pieces while writing this. Update soon !

Friday, January 13, 2012

Sterling Silver and Gemstone - Bar Pendant

A simple pendant made from sterling silver and faux suede with glass beads and dyed agates. There is imperfection of 925 stamping at the back of the back pendant that i mistakenly hammered (with a perfect 925 stamping, so there are two stamps).

The colors of the stones and beads really pop up and make the whole design look more interesting. I wrapped a tiny 14K Gold Filled beads at the top of the green agate to add a little bit of contrast to pendant !

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Emi Kaz and The Refugees

The winner of the design challenge. I pick this design due to the creative input and balance of the design. It's not that easy for beginner to make such symmetrical intricate earrings.

No, no, it's not the singer group The Refugees, these are a group of refugees that i taught few weeks ago. I hold three classes for them and I am really truly proud of them in term of their patient and effort. I must say their enthusiasm is really high even though we had a slight communication problem as some of them understand just a little bit of English (had interpreter though).

End of the second class i asked them to challenge themselves to make a piece of jewelry using their creativity with the skills and techniques that i taught, surprisingly they produce two to three pieces instead of one, aren't they great ! As for the winner of the challenge, i awarded her a pair of 14K Gold Filled drop earring.

If you wish to buy some of the piece(s) please convo me as i would love to help them make to earn extra income !

Rivet - Mix Metal Brooch

Well i had people asking me to do brooch but then i have problem with the pin back as most it were made of plated steel or stainless steel (i am not fond of soldering the steel metal to silver). Its not that i don't want to do my own pin back but of Malaysian like brooches that the pin is hard and thin so that they can wear it on any fabric. I had accomplished brooches designs using wire stitching technique and require a lot of materials. In order to design something more simpler using metal sheet and disc, i learn how to do a rivet. Well I'm not taking any class but i learn it on my own by reading book.

I always had in mine that drilling and riveting are such a difficult techniques to learn (silly me though) but after first few trials it seem easy to accomplish. I should had learned these a long time ago when i bought the flex shaft.

The brooch that i made, is my 1st attempt on riveting, not very neat though but im happy with the result, it kinda reminds of a robot face..LOL !

Btw, while writing this post i had done a silver brooch and i will post it as soon as i photograph it, stay tune ya!