Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Basic and Intermediate Wire Jewelry Workshop - 7th and 8th April 2012

The Basics workshop will be live on 7th of April 2012, Saturday.
The Intermediate workshop for ring and pendant will be live on 8th of April 2012, Sunday.
Interested drop me an email at emikaz@emikaz.com or call me at 014 3234 235.

The Basics – Stack Bangle and Earrings
A great workshop to kick starts your wire jewelry skills. You will be introduce to the metals and tools, incorporate with essential techniques such as hammering & texturing, swirls making and simple wire wrapping. 


The Intermediate – Pendant and Ring
Craft these beautiful pendant and ring by learning double and outer layer wire stitching.  Other techniques provide includes ring sizing, full briolette wrapping and simple cord knotting.

Copper Bangle - Fun Organically Fold Form Bangle

Another x-large bangle that i tried to make with copper sheet using certain fold forming techniques. I wrongly measured and the total look of the bangle turn out to be ugly (is that the correct word to use ? LOL).

Without patient i riveted the folded part and ruined everything but i was having fun while making this piece. Though i 'hate' looking at it but i love the parts that i rolled fold with my hands and pliers !

Friday, March 23, 2012

Brass Modern Stack Bangle - Simply Arty

I must say i love this stack bangle, i made a few for me too ! LOL..It is very sturdy, lightweight and easy to wear, brass really have a good malleability to make this such bangle. This can be worn plain or with charms as i made to be opened !

Brass and Sterling Silver Modern Organic Hoop Earrings with Semi Precious Stones - Organix

More simpler version of Organix Earrings !

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Sterling Silver Brass Mix Metal Organic Hoop Earrings - Organix

A pair of organic shape earrings that were beautifully crafted from brass, Argentium silver and sterling silver wire with Amethyst & Amazonite rondelles and milky pink Rose Quartz ovals.

I'm in love with organic shapes at this moment !

Wire Art Jewelry Workshops for 2012

Finally my new wire art jewelry workshops live from now on ! Please check them out, for inquiries email me at emikaz@emikaz.com or visit my blog Workshops page !

I must say these workshops going to be fun ya !

Monday, March 19, 2012

Fuyoh Art Bazaar - Its Was Fun !

Jani at Gigi booth (where is Gigi missing ?)

Jani at my booth

Me at my booth

Jani in Outdated

Me in Outdated

Well I'm having fun yesterday at Fuyoh Art Bazaar and I'm satisfied how the organizer did the tables arrangement for the vendors, very professional. I participated with Gigi accompanied with my dear partner, Jani Mj (he helped with the display, cool ya!). I'm so happy that i got to meet new customers (some are from overseas) that love my pieces so much. I met the owner of Outdated, Rom (co organizer of Fuyoh), what a really nice guy and look at the shop, he has really nice old antique stuffs for sales.

To those who stopped thank you so much ya !

Friday, March 16, 2012

Fuyoh Art Bazaar

Candy Stack Bangle - Mix Metal with Semi Precious Stones

Stack Bangle - Sterling Silver with Anti Tarnish Properties

Stack Bangle - Patinated Brass

Organix Earrings - Mix Metal with Semi Precious Stones

Hope it is not too late to post this, well its better late than never, right ?. Tomorrow i will be participate in the Fuyoh Art Bazaar at Solaris Dutamas.

I will bring some new creations that i craft throughout this week. Well i ve to admit that I'm a little bit obsess with the stack bangles, i can embellish by wrapping stones on top and add charms to them.

For local, please drop by ya tomorrow, see you guys there ! Support the handmade industry !

14K Gold Filled Earrings with Green Onyx - Emerald Blossom

Another pair of blossom earrings. Available at KitaKita !

Monday, March 12, 2012

Sneak Preview on The Basics Workshop - Minimalism Stack Bangle

Well, i had finished design all my modules for this year workshops. There will be one for Basic and two on Intermediate. I need to wait for the graphic artist to finish all the art work for my flyer.

Minimalism Stack Bangle (fun to craft) is one of the module in The Basic workshops. Interested, email me at emikaz@emikaz.com or contact me at 014 3234235.

Brass and Bronze Woven Ring with Flourite - The Edge

I made this ring early this year as a gift for my self. LOL !. I seldom make things for myself as i do not like to spend time doing jewelry for own indulgence, there will be less satisfaction.

What i like about this ring is that it is very edgy with the sharps edges at both sides of the ring. I had to take precaution if I'm wearing this so that i won't scratch others skin.

The mixture between base metal and fluorite really make the ring looks very unusual in term of color and design, it just pop up.

I'm using the Reversible Weave from my 3-D Layer Vine Ring Tutorial that can be purchased from my Etsy store, EmiKaz.

Saturday, March 10, 2012

14K Gold Filled Drop Earrings - Noir Lemon

A pair of elongated drop earrings that i made recently. Made from 14K Gold Filled with Lemon Quartz and Black Spinel.

Having fun today with Syamsiah Jendol (with her kids) and Gigi !

Friday, March 9, 2012

Mix Metal Wire Woven Pendant - Untitled

Untitled 1

Untitled 2

Well these Untitled pendants were made during my struggled through my emotional breakdown. I shaped and weaved randomly using my mind instead of my heart. Most of my fine works were result of using calm heart and mind but not for these. I am more calmer now, cheers !

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Fold Forming with Gigi - A Joyful Experience

Well i have fun with Gigi last Monday. She wanted to learn a little bit on how to fold form metal. At first, we fold form a simple leaf then she told me that she had a bangle design in her mind and she drew it on the paper. I visualized her idea and turn it into reality. The above bangle is the 1st bangle that both of us did. A simple fold form with great ideas can turn sheet into stunning pieces of art.

The bangle is light in weight and sturdy enough to be worn !

p/s: the bangle look like a pattern from African tribe !