Monday, September 17, 2012

Mix Metal Ring - Almost Triangle and A Story of Bezel Making

Well, i had been very busy, intensively polishing my bench skills in bezels making and stones setting. Now i can finely made round and oval bezels finely. When i 1st started, i 'sacrificed' a lot of materials (i do broke my precious 20cwt Aqumarine too) but it's really worth it. I still used the technique that my sifu taught me, using chisel and hammer to wonderfully set the stone, so that it won't move at all.

Almost Triangle ring is the fifth ring that i made and the 1st ring that i made with brass sheet and silver strip and band. I like brass with Labradorite, it's kinda blend for subtle look. 

I will upload another four rings that i made Argentium silver, so stay tune !